Digital Marketing Zero To Hero Course


This course is entry to the intermediate level, for sales & marketing personnel who need basic
skills on digital marketing or business owners who all the while use conventional marketing, and
required for basic skills on digital marketing on his/her business transformation

Learning Objective:
1. Brand Awareness
2. Lead Generation
3. Target Customers
4. Retaining Old Customers
5. Increase Sales/Profit
6. Expand Market
7. More Website Traffic
8. Improve conversions
9. Promotion for new products & services
10. Create Online Presence
11. Digital Transformation
12. Offline to Online

Learning Outcome:
By the end of the training, participants will be able to:
1. Understanding the fundamental of Digital Business
2. Organize frameworks and plan approaches to market product/services on digital platform
3. Understand various digital marketing tools, leverage it to improve online presence
4. Plan marketing content, develop marketing content that works well target audience and
to measure it impact to improvise the sales through social media.
5. Able to make a convincing social media copywriting
6. Gaining graphic design skills, “design like a pro” able to design a social media post,
cover photo, graphics for website, and email marketing campaign.
7. Ability to create a landing page as a call to action in social media post
8. Understanding how the website works and how to optimize for better search engine
9. Understanding keyword research and being able to pick the right keyword for ranking.
10. Understanding local SEO, able to optimize Google Business Profile effectively.

Who Should Attend:

This course is suitable for:
1. Small Business Owner
2. Sales & Marketing Personal
3. Entrepreneur
4. Start Up
5. Individuals who are interested in learning digital marketing.
6. Digital Marketer
7. Social Media Marketer
8. SEO Specialist

1. Stable Internet Access (At least 10Mbps above)
2. Valid Email ID (either Personal/Business)
3. Valid Facebook Account & Instagram Account
4. Dual monitor will have an advantage for better learning experience
5. Having a product/services to promote

Day 1
8.30am-9.00am Registration
9.00-10.30am Foundation To Digital Marketing
10.30-11.00am Morning Break
11.00-12.30pm Foundation To Digital Marketing (Continue)
12.30-1.30pm Lunch Break
1.30-3.00pm Social Media Marketing
3.30-4.00pm Tea Break
4.00-5.00pm Social Media Marketing (Continue)

Day 2
8.30am-9.00am Registration
9.00-10.30am Website Marketing
10.30-11.00am Morning Break
11.00-12.30pm Website Marketing (Continue)
12.30-1.30pm Lunch Break
1.30-3.00pm Email Marketing
3.30-4.00pm Tea Break
4.00-5.00pm Email Marketing (Continue)

Day 3
8.30am-9.00am Registration
9.00-10.30am Google Marketing
10.30-11.00am Morning Break
11.00-12.30pm Google Business Profile (Previously GoogleMyBusiness)
12.30-1.30pm Lunch Break
1.30-3.00pm Search Engine Optimization
3.30-4.00pm Tea Break
4.00-5.00pm Search Engine Optimization (Continue)

During this 3 day class, the trainer will guide you & explain all the expect on digital marketing, each participant will have a chance to practice especially come to digital marketing tools, setting up & optimizing social media page/account, setting up landing pages, attach opt in form with email marketing tools, as well as off-page optimization at Google Business profile (previously know as GoogleMyBusiness). Participants will get a hand on activity along this 3 days course.

Course Outline:
Digital Marketing Zero To Hero – “What You Need To Know”

1. Fundamental of Digital Marketing
Is a pleasant sign, when you are looking into Digital Marketing training now! (Especially this course outline!) I believe you should have a basic understanding on the importance of Digital Marketing. I am assured you are in the right path & right place to learn Digital Marketing now and let me share you my favorite quote:


In this chapter, we cover how does old school marketing different from digital marketing, why digital marketing having a lot more advantage from old school marketing, how to choose the right digital channel that suitable for your online presence, how to position your UPS to win the market, get to know your customers buying behavior, and most important is to creating digital footprint; We will also cover several essential digital marketing tools that every digital marketer needs as well as a bonus topic, “power of copywriting” to kick start our Digital Marketing journey.

Topic include:
● Conventional Marketing vs Digital Marketing
● Type of Digital Marketing Channel
● Your Unique Selling Proposition
● Know Your Customer
● Marketing Mix
● Create Digital Footprint
● Creating Authority Online
● Know Your Digital Marketing Tools
● Power of CopyWriting (Bonus)

2. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media is a new norm, even my grandmother has a Facebook and Twitter account. In this chapter, we covered a few social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp.The pros and cons of using profile, groups, page for your business, how to get organic traffic, (especially trainer’s secret strategies), increase likes and followers at this platform as well as power keywords for closing sales!

Topic Include:
● Introduction to Social Media
● 14s Social Media Content Strategies
● Facebook Marketing
● Instagram For Business

3. Website Marketing

Every business needs to have an office or a storefront; With digital presence, your business
needs to have a website! A so-called online-presence. In this chapter, you will learn how to get
publicity and awareness via website marketing, we will discuss a few types of website marketing
strategies & how to choose the right platform to host your website platform, as well as several
online channel that can generate income to your business.

Topic Include:
● Introduction to Website Design and Development
● Advantage of using Website for Business
● Choose Your Business Website Platform
● Generating Income Through Website Marketing

4. Email Marketing

Email brings higher ROI according to the research, if you don’t practice email marketing, it is
really a big loss. In this chapter we will discuss how email marketing system works, leads
capture methods, list building strategies as well as how to automate your email marketing

Topic Include:
● Introduction to Email Marketing
● Lead Capture Strategies
● Building Email Database
● Customer Value Optimization (Bonus)

5. Google Marketing
Search engine traffic is important, we wish to have “FREE” traffic from search engine, this also the reason we learn search engine optimization on the following topic. Before we proceed to SEO, we choose Google because it takes 98% of the market share in search engine industries. In this chapter, we learn a few google marketing tools which can help us in our business.

Topic Include:
● Fundamental Of Search
● Advance Keyword Research Tools
● Google Marketing Tools
● Local SEO, Google Business Profile (Google My Business) & Optimization

6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
How about FREE traffic from Search Engine? How good when someone searches for your product and services, Search Engine recommends you for FREE! This is the importance of Search Engine optimization. In this chapter, you will learn the fundamentals of SEO, how to
make a search engine like your page and recommend you when someone searches your product and services, we will cover how the “on-page” and “off-page SEO” as well as link building strategies.

Topic Include:
● Understanding Search Engine Optimization
● On Page Optimization
● Off Page Optimization
● Knocking Search Enginee’s Door
● Building Authority Online
● White Hat vs Black Hat (Bonus)

Course Completion Certification

HRDF / HRD Corp / Human Resource Development Corp Claimable