Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for Leaders



This program is designed to introduce participants to Emotional Intelligence (EQ).


Program Objectives

The aim is to allow participants to be able to tune in with their emotions and the emotions of others especially in their role as a leader.


Day 1- Explain the term Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Introduction to the KCG Model

-Learning approach and methodology

-Exploring the basic principles of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

-Difference between IQ and EQ

-Introducing the KCG Model

-Investigating emotions

-Know Yourself: Competencies 1 & 2


Day 2 –Application and Understanding of the KCG Competencies in Effectively Managing Emotions

-Reflection on Day 1

-Choose Yourself: Competencies 3 to 6

-Give Yourself: Competencies 7 to 8

-Personal Action Plan

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