Developing Effective People Skills Using EQ



This interactive program is designed to introduce participants into the importance of creating experiences that are memorable.


Program Objectives

The aim is to raise participant’s awareness on how to create an engagement using EQ and understanding the hidden need of a customer especially in the business world.


Day 1 –Understanding the Real Challenges and the Importance to Create an Environment that Foster Relationship in the Business World

-What are the current challenges?

-Case Study

-Paradigm Shift

-Changing our focus using EQ

-Understanding the needs of the customers


Day 2 –Effectively Understanding the Needs of the Customers and Applying the Right Service Recovery to Win Customers Hearts

-Understanding the Different Layers of Needs

-Building connection using EQ

-Evoking emotions

-Service Recovery


HRDF / HRD Corp / Human Resource Development Corp Claimable

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