React and Django – Full Stack Development Course


Course Objective:
This is a Full Stack development course. This course is a very practical course to build full application with RESTful API and front end Web App. This course will utilize 2 powerful frameworks – Django and React. Django will allow you to build a powerful backend solution and React a beautiful reactive UX interface.

Course Target: Participants with Computer Science, Electronics or Programming background.

Course Pre-Requisite: Programming experience is preferable but not mandatory

Course Outline:
1. Technology Overview
2. Python Introduction
3. Virtual environment
4. Django Framework
5. Migrations
6. User and Admins
7. Views, Model, Template
8. REST and Serializer
9. React Framework
10. Components, Props, Events, State, Router
11. Context, Styling

Course Completion Certification

HRDF / HRD Corp / Human Resource Development Corp Claimable

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