Secure WordPress Website Development For Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Course


Course Introduction
Wordpress is the most popular web site builder in the world.
35% of the Web Uses WordPress. Users Make 70 Million New Posts and 77 Million New Comments Each Month. WordPress Dominates Google’s SERP with 2.28 Billion Results. WordPress enjoys 61.8% market share of Most Used CMS. The Average WordPress Developer Earns $51,000. Woocommerce is the most popular e-commerce platform.

Course Objective
Wordpress is the most popular web site builder in the world. We will teach you how to build a wordpress website effective. To improve, customize and beautify the wordpress with themes, plugins, CSS. In this course, we will also introduce to SEO. We will also explain on digital marketing strategies so that they are configured well to help your website effectiveness to promote your brand. Also, we will teach how to setup Woocommerce the most popular e-commerce platform.

Due WordPress, popularity, there are many attacks. In this course, we will provide effective tools and hosting configuration to help minimize attack to your website.

Course Target: This is targeted to any person interested to build a website, promoting the website and also protecting the website against malicious attack.

Course Pre-Requisite: Non-programming and Programming background are excepted. We would encourage participants to try to understand some programming concepts, it is not essential because the whole course allows non-programming participants to be able to follow.


Course Completion Certification

HRDF / HRD Corp / Human Resource Development Corp Claimable

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